Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Repair and ransack

So this morning a van from the Muni parks outside and blocks off access either side with red cones. 

One supposes they had been sent to fix a few loose stones in the middle of the cobbled street. Their technique for doing this proved interesting. 

Rather then just replace the individual loose stones they set about the whole area with pickaxes lifting about a half a dozen (valuable) large stones in each instance and transferring these to a sack, before proceeding to fill the resulting holes with a mix of lime, cement and much smaller (less valuable) stones. 

Strikes me that this is a dodgy little scam. 

One can surmise that the big stones in the sack will then be either sold off by the workers or perhaps the Muni themselves are effecting a transfer of larger stones to those parts of La Antigua currently being dug up to lay down new drains. 

They've now disappeared with their sacks of stones, but ill-advisedly left them unattended for a while during their lunch-break.

This particular stretch of empedrado was original funded by residents, not by the Municipality.

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